Acer saccharum--Sugar Maple

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Acer saccharum--Sugar Maple

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Sugar maple is a hard wooded tree with a moderate to slow growth rate. The tree will be 80 to 100 feet tall at maturity. Sugar Maple grows in most garden soils but is sensitive to reflected heat and will sunscorch. The dense shade will prevent good lawn growth. The main ornamental feature of the tree is the red, yellow, or orange fall color. The tree transplants fairly easily but may develop girdling roots.

Nurseries may offer one or several cultivars of sugar maple: 'Globosum'--a slow grower with a dense round crown and a mature height of about 10 feet; 'Green Mountain'-- upright oval crown and scarlet fall color; 'Newton Sentry'- -upright growth habit; 'Sweet Shadow'--cut leaves; 'Temple's Upright'--an upright growth habit.

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