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Aeration is the process of increasing the soil's air content. An ideal soil will contain fifty (50%) percent air spaces, of which twenty-five (25%) percent will be air.

A core aerifier will pull one to two (1-2) inch plugs of soil from the ground. Plugs are deposited on the soil's surface where they will break down. Soil surrounding the plugged holes and the soil deposited on top will collapse and fill in.

Turf soil should be aerated at least once a year on heavy compacted or clay soils. At a minimum recommended rate, turf should be aerated at least once every three to five years.

DO NOT USE ANY AERIFYING EQUIPMENT THAT SIMPLY PUNCHES A HOLE IN THE SOIL. While a hole may be created, the "punched" soil merely compacts in the surrounding areas.

Golf or football cleats, or shoes/sandals with nails pounded through the soles may create holes but only compact the surrounding areas.

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