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Leaf blotch causes diseased areas of variable size on the leaves. The diseased areas are at first discolored and watersoaked, later turning light reddish brown with bright yellow margins. If the entire leaf is affected it will dry, turn brown, and fall off. Leaf stalks may also be attacked. This disease looks very much like scorch. Rake up and destroy old leaves. No chemical control is listed.

A leaf spot disease will cause small brown circular spots on the leaves. No chemical control is listed.

Powdery mildew covers the undersides of the leaves with white mold. Sprays of benomyl should bring the disease under control.

Anthracnose may infect terminal shoots several inches from the tip. The infected area is shrunken and the outer layers of tissue may be ruptured. No chemical control is listed.

Leaf scorch is a physiological problem. The leaf margins turn brown then browning moves progressively inward between the veins. Eventually the entire leaf turns brown. The condition occurs in mid-summer. Keep the plant well watered during dry weather.

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