Aesculus hippocastanum--Horsechestnut

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Aesculus hippocastanum--Horsechestnut

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Horsechestnut grows 90 or 100 feet tall and spreads 30 to 40 feet. The tree casts dense shade and has a coarse texture. Horsechestnut prefers a sunny exposure sheltered from wind. The tree is easily transplanted and grows in any good garden soil. The growth rate is rapid while the tree is young but slows down with age. The white flowers occurring in panicles at the branch tips are the main ornamental feature of Horsechestnut. The flowers are followed by nuts covered with spiny husks. The large leaves, nuts and dropping twigs can create litter. Horsechestnut is weak wooded and develops leaf scorch during the summer.

Several cultivars may be grown: 'Baumanni'--has double flowers and does not produce any nuts, if the tree is grown this cultivar is highly recommended; 'pendula'--has drooping branches; 'pyramidalis'--upright; 'rubicunda'-- flowers salmon red; 'tortuosa'--contorted growth.

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