Aesculus pavia--Damask Horsechestnut

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Aesculus pavia--Damask Horsechestnut

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The main ornamental feature of damask horse chestnut is red flowers produced in panicles at the ends of the branches. This is a small tree or large shrub growing 20 feet tall and spreading to 25 feet. The fall color is yellowish but the leaves drop quickly. Provide a sunny exposure and a rich, damp soil. The root system is fibrous and suckering and the growth rate moderate. The nuts are covered with tan husks while still on the tree. The new foliage has a reddish tinge to it. Damask horse chestnut transplants well and may form clumps.

There are several cultivars: 'atrosanguinea'--flowers very dark red; 'humilis'--low, prostrate form; 'sublaciniata'--leaves deeply serrated.

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