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The many types of alliums are easy to grow, and once established are left until they become overcrowded. They range in height from six inches to three feet. The smaller types may be used in rock gardens. They like fertile, well drained soil and prefer sun or partial shade. The flowers may be ball shaped or otherwise.

Allium giganteum This allium multiplies rapidly and is 4 or 5 feet tall when flowering. The plant may be used as a dried or cut flower.

Allium moly - Golden Garlic It grows 12 inches tall and has yellow flowers in June. Golden garlic tolerates poor hot soil.

Allium tuberosum Produces white, fragrant flowers on 3 foot tall plants, in July and August.

Alliums are planted in fall or early spring. The larger types are planted three inches deep with the smaller types two inches deep. They are divided and replanted as soon as the leaves have died down.

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