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Leaf spots may cause various spots on the leaves. No chemical control is listed.

Rhizome rot causes rhizome decay then plant death. Dig up and destroy diseased plant. No chemical control is listed. The causal organism is Pellicularia rolfsii.

Collar rot caused by Botrytis cinerea causes crown rotting. Destroy infected plants. No chemical control is listed.

Spot disease causes spot discoloration, distortion, dropping, and dwarfing of flowers. The leaves and stems have red spots on them. Remove infected leaves and flowers. Severely infected plants are removed. The disease is also called leaf gall and is caused by Synchytrium anemones. No chemical control is listed.

Downy mildew, caused by Plasmopara pygmaea, forms a fine white mildew on the lower leaf surface. The plants are discolored and distorted and the stems aborted. Destroy badly infected plants. No chemical control is listed.

Rust causes thickening and paling of the leaves and crown. Brown pustules form on the undersides of leaves. Badly infected plants are destroyed. Sprays of sulfur control the disease.

Smut symptoms are dark brown powdery pustules on swollen regions of the leaf stalks and blades. Destroy diseased leaves. The causal fungus is Urocystus anemones.

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