Anemone (Tuberous Types)

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Anemone (Tuberous Types)

Most tuberous anemones prefer sandy soil amended with organic matter. In wet, poorly drained soil the tubers rot. A sunny location is best. Avoid acid soil and prepare the soil deeply for these deep rooted plants. Water once a week during dry weather and provide winter protection. As the tubers increase in size they lose vigor. At least a dozen of the smaller types are needed to make an adequate display.

The tubers are planted 3 to 4 inches deep during the fall. The exact planting depth is determined by the type of anemone. Tubers planted too deep grow poorly. Store tubers in a dry airy place as they decay in moist storage conditions. Division is done after the after the foliage matures. Dig and wash the tubers before they harden. Shake the divisions in sulfur to prevent fungus diseases. Store the tubers in dry sand or peat until replanted.

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