Annuals that have Performed Well in the Horticultural Gardens of Michigan State University

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There are several kinds and cultivars that have performed well in the Michigan State Horticultural Gardens. Some of these are:

Ageratum - Adriatic, Blue Danube, Blue Heaven, Blue Jay

Alyssum - New Carpet of Snow, Oriental Night, Snowdrift

Amaranthus - Paniculatas

Basil - Purple Ruffles AAS 1987

Begonia-Fibrous (Bronze Foliage) - Ambra Salmon, Bingo Series, Brandy (Lt. Pink), Cock, Danica Series, Othello Improved, Partyflirt, Partyfriend, Party Fun,

Mix (Green and Dark Foliage) - Vision Series, Vodka (Scarlet)

Begonia-Fibrous (Green Foliage) - Athena Series, Avalanche, Series, Derby, Finale, Hot Tip Series, Olympia, Series, Organdy Mix, Orient Scarlet, Party Series - Love/Boy/Girl, Scarletta, Southern Star Series, Stara Series, Varsity Series, Venus, Verdo Series, Viva

Begonia - Tuberous - Memory Series, Non-Stop Series, Musical Series (Hanging Basket Type)

Calceolaria - Goldari

Celosia - Apricot Brandy, Century Series, Olympia Mixed

Coleus - Carefree Series, Fiji Red, Kaleidoscope Mix, Poncho Scarlet, Red Rainbow, Seven Dwarfs Series, Wizard Series

Cuphea - Platycentra Scarlet

Dahlia - Figaro, Sunny Yellow,

Dianthus - Charm Series, Princess Scarlet, Princess White, Telstar Mix

Dusty Miller - Cirrus, Hoar Frost, Silver Cloud, Silver Dust

Dahlberg Daisy - Golden Fleece

Gazania - Ministar Tangerine AAW 85, Ministar Yellow

Seed Geraniums - Appleblossom Orbit, Cherry Glow, Fire Bird (Hanging Basket), Gremlin Bright Pink (Dwf), Hollywood Star, Merlin, Picasso, Pink Orbit, Pinto Series, Pinwheel Salmon, Red Elite, Ringleader Light Pink, Ringleader Salmon, Ringo Light Salmon, Ringo Salmon, Ringo Scarlet, Ringo White, Rose Diamond, Sprinter Scarlet, Summer Showers (Ivy Leaf), Video Series (Dwf)

Heliotrope - Marine

Hibiscus - Disco Belle

Hypoestes - Pink Splash

Impatiens - Accent Series, Blitz, Camellia Red, Cascade Beauties Scarlet, Cinderella Pastel Pink, Duet, Futura Orange, Grande White, Impulse Series, Novette Series, Princess Bright Red, Princess Carmine Rose, Princess Cherry Rose, Princess Salmon Orange, Princess White/Eye, Shady Lady Venus, Sherbert Mix, Showstopper Series, Sun and Shade Formula Mix, Super Elfin Series, Tutti Frutti, Soda Pops Orchid, Soda Pops Rose

Kochia - Acapulco Silver

Lobelia - Color Cascade

Marigold-American - Discovery Series, Inca Series, Jubilee Series, Lady Series, Yellow Galore,

Marigold-French - Bonanza Series, Boy Series, Ginger, Glowing Embers, Golden Anniversary, Goldie, Hero Red, Honeycomb, Janie Flame, Orange Winner, Primo Yellow, Queen Bee, Queen Series, Red Cherry, Saffron, Tanga

Marigold-Polyploid Hybrids - Fireworks Mix, Hi-G-Yellow, Leka, Laguna Yellow, Mighty Marietta Orange, Red 7-Star, Roci, Sundance, Super Star Orange, Mighty Marietta Yellow

Marigold-Single - Eyes Series, Pascal, Red Marietta, Silvia

Nicotania - Nicki Series, Nico Series

Ornamental Pepper - Candlelight, Fireball, Holiday Cheer, Midnight Special

Pansy - Aurora Series, Ballerina Mix, Bravissimo Mix, Crown Series, Crystal Bowl Series, Imperial Blue, Springtime Series, Universal Series, Viking Mix

Petunia-Multiflora - Burgundy Madness, Cover Girl, Joy Series, Pearls Series, Pink Carpet, Plum Carpet, Plum Purple, Popeye, Rainy Day rose, Red Cap, Resisto Rose, Rose Madness, Snowdrift, Summer Madness

Petunia-Grandiflora - Azure Sails, Blue Frost, Blue Sails, Cherry Frost, Don Juan, Fulcon Mid Blue, Fulcon Series, Happiness, Lacy Sails, Orchid Sails, Penny Candy, Picotee Mix, Pink Cameo, Pink Daddy, Pink Flash, Pink Paradise, Prio Pink, Recover Series, Red Flash, Red Picotee, Suburban Blue, Sugar Daddy, Super Cascade Lilac, Supermagic Pink, Telstar, Ultra Pink, Ultra Salmon, White Cascade, White Flair

Rudbeckia - Antique Images, Goldilocks, Marmalade, Rustic Colors

Salvia - Bonfire Elite, Fire, Fusco, Hot Joe, Hot Line, Hotstuff, Laser Purple, Little Devil, Red Hot Sally, Red Top, Tallyho Fl

Salvia Farinacea - Argent Blanche, Rhea Bleu Fonce, Victoria

Sanvitalia - Mandarin Orange AAS 1987

Snapdragons - Frontier Series, Minaret Series, Orange Pixie, Princess Series, Rocket Series

Statice - Blue River, Fortress Purple, Fortress Yellow

Verbena - Boule Scarlet, Derby Rose Pink, Derby Scarlet, Limbo, Romance Series, Showtime Blaze, Showtime Mix, Trinidad AAW 85, Tropic

Vinca - Morning Mist

Zinnia - Border Beauty Series, Bouquet Series, Dasher Series, Fantastic Light Pink, Peter Pan Series, Pink Splendor, Ruffles Series, Small World Series

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Visual title - Visual size Visual title - Visual size
Amaranthus tricolor - 66K Nemesia Color Carnival - 59K
Nemesia Color Carnival - 48K Nemesia Color Carnival - 30K
Ocimum basilicum Dark Opal - 33K Sanvitalia procumbens - 65K
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