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A wide range of snapdragon strains is available. The tall types are two and one half to three feet tall, the intermediates are one to two feet tall, the bedding types are six to fifteen inches tall, and the rock garden hybrids are three to six inches tall. The dwarf types can be used in sunny window boxes. The flowers come in a wide range of colors. Snapdragons grow in any slightly acid, garden soil, however, they don't grow well in clay. The plants require full sun and moist soil. A second crop of flowers may be obtained from plants that have finished flowering. Cut them back to within 5 or 6 nodes of the ground when the first flowers fade. Fertilize when the second crop of flower buds become visible.

Snapdragons may be propagated by seeds, or by cuttings which root readily. The seed germinates in 10 to 14 days at 70 degrees. Do not cover the seed with soil. Prechilled seeds germinate best. Seedlings with two to three sets of leaves are pinched, however, dwarf forms do not need pinching. Plants with dark colored flowers have dark green or reddish stems and those with white or pale flowers have pale green stems. Set plants in the garden after the danger of frost has passed. Set the plants six to ten inches apart.

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