Asparagus - Asparagus Fern, Plumosa Asparagus Fern

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Asparagus - Asparagus Fern, Plumosa Asparagus Fern

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The ornamental asparagus prefer medium light intensity and some shade from strong summer sun. Water heavily in summer but do not keep the soil soggy. In winter, keep the plants a little drier. Asparagus, with needle-like leaves, drop leaves, if overwatered during the winter. However, some needle drop during the winter is normal. Use any house plant fertilizer at 1/2 strength every 2 weeks. Temperatures between 55 and 70 degrees are best. The plants may be grown outdoors in summer.

Propagation is by seed sown in early spring. Soak the seed for 24 hours before planting. Germination takes 30 to 50 days. Some types of plants may be divided.

Yellowing is a physiological condition. Symptoms are chlorosis, leading to bleaching out of most of the green leaf coloration. Reduce watering to the minimum amount necessary to prevent drying. Old foliage will not regain its dark green color but new growth should be green.

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