Asparagus Insects

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Asparagus Insects

Common Asparagus Beetle

The common asparagus is a 1/4 inch, black, red and yellow beetle. The adult lays black eggs on the spears. The eggs are difficult to remove. The slug-like larvae are dull gray. Both stages feed on foliage and there are 2 to 5 generations per year. Sprays of Rotenone(1) should take care of the problem.

Spotted Asparagus Beetle

The spotted asparagus beetle is reddish orange with 6 black spots on each wing cover. The eggs are laid before the asparagus berries appear. The orange larvae feed on berry pulp. There are 2 to 3 generations per year. Spray or dust with Rotenone(1) or Pyrethrin(0).

Asparagus Miner

The adult asparagus miner is a small, shiny black, 2- winged fly. The eggs laid near the end of May produce white, legless larvae that mines the stem above the ground level. The second generation larvae mine the stem below ground level. No chemical control is listed.


Several cutworms feed on the spears and ferns. The white cutworm is active early in the season and finishes in June. The dark-sided cutworm is active from mid-June to mid-May. Use applications of Diazinon granules.

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