Aster hybrids--Michaelmas Daisy

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Aster hybrids--Michaelmas Daisy Aster novae-angliae--New England Aster Aster novae-belgii--New York Aster

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Asters produce large clusters of flowers in white, purple, lavender, pink and red. The plants tolerate poor soil and dryness but bloom poorly in dry soil. They grow 2 to 5 feet tall and are spaced 15 inches apart. They multiply rapidly so may need frequent division. Tall varieties need staking or grow the shorter varieties. For best bloom, thin out shoots from large clumps. Asters grow best in full sun or light shade.

Aster is grown from seed or division. Division is done in October or early spring when flowering deteriorates. The seed germinates in 15 days indoors, or 20 to 30 days outdoors.

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