Aubretia deltoidia--Purple Rock Cress

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Aubretia deltoidia--Purple Rock Cress

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Purple Rock Cress may be used in rock gardens or as an edging plant. Where summers are hot, aubretia is short lived and new plants may be raised from seed periodically. Aubretia may also be treated as a biennial. Plant in fall or spring in a light well-drained soil in a sunny or lightly shaded area. The plants winter kill in heavy soil. Shear the plants after flowering.

Propagation is by seed, division, cuttings or layering. The seed can be sown in flats and placed in a cold frame in March or April. Division is done after flowering. Lift and divide rooted pieces and replant immediately. Stem cuttings may be taken after flowering. The plants may be layered after flowering. This is done by covering the plants with sand and leaf mold. The stems root and can be transplanted in the fall.

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