Beer -- Slug Control

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Beer baits aren't as effective as many are led to believe. Saucers or containers of beer are buried at ground level. Slugs are attracted to the yeast smell and drown, with a smile on their faces. However, the slug population is usually so large that ten or more saucers need to be buried, emptied daily and refilled. Cans with plastic lids can be used with holes cut into the side and buried to the hole; this prevents animals from discovering the beer and draining the slug-bait.

Slug baits (poisons) are available at many garden center, nurseries and discount stores. Most of the products contain Mesurol. Baits can be pelletized or powdered. Pelletized baits tend to provide longer residual than powdered forms. Most baits need to be moist in order to attract slugs. Replenish baits when dissolved or removed. Baits may be attractive to some pets; use cautiously. Make sure to read and follow all instructions.

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