Begonia--Fibrous Rooted Begonia

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Begonia--Fibrous Rooted Begonia

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Some of the many strains of begonia have colored foliage but flower colors are generally white, pink and red. They range in height from six inches to two feet and require a moist, well drained, fertile soil. They grow in sun or shade, but diseases may be more of a problem in shade. Begonias with green foliage do better in the sun then bronze varieties.

Begonias can be propagated by seed leaf cuttings or soft wood cuttings. Some may form many shoots and can be divided. The seed is very fine and may be hard for inexperienced gardeners to work with. Plant seed in a light, well drained, media kept uniformly moist. Sow the seed thinly and don't cover it. Germination is best one foot under fluorescent lights left on 24 hours. The seed germinates in two to three weeks at temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees.

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