Begonia Insects

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Thrips cause iregulalr, reddish brown lines, in the upper sides of the leaves. On the undersides of the leaves rusty brown spots form along the main veins. The insects cause the undersides of leaves to become silvery and the leaves may be deformed.

Mealybugs look like white puffs of cotton. They suck plant juices and heavy infestations will coat the leaves with sticky honeydew. Use house plant insect sprays according to label directions.

Mites are very small and are hard to see without a magnifying glass. Heavy infestations can cover the leaves with very fine webbing. The plants gradually lose their green color and appear dusty or speckled. Use a house plant insect spray according to label directions.

Aphids suck plant juices and are usually found at the stem tips. A heavy infestation will coat the leaves with sticky honeydes. A black, sooty mold can grow on the honeydes. The insects can be green, white, pink, or black.

Whitefly is named for the adult, a small, white fly. The immature whitefly is a small, almost translucent scale- like insect. This insect is hard to control. Use a house plant spray especially formulated for whitefly.

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