Betula pendula(verrucosa) - European Birch

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Betula pendula(verrucosa) - European Birch

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European birch is graceful and ornamental but is susceptible to fatal attacks of bronze birch borer. The leaves are often browned by birch leaf miner. When grown, plan to provide the necessary insect control. European birch grows rapidly, reaching a height of 35 to 75 feet. Lawn grasses grow well in its light shade. A moist soil and a regular fertilization program plus watering in dry weather are suggested. Although popular, the tree requires more care and spraying than other ornamental trees.

Several cultivars are available but these too will have pest problems: 'dalecarlica'--deeply lobed leaves on pendulous branches; 'laciniata'--cut leaves; 'fastigiata'- -upright growth habit; 'Purple Splendor'('purpurea, Scarlet Glory)--purple leaves; 'tristis'--weeping habit; 'youngii'- -weeping habit.

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