Birch Leaf Miner

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Birch Leaf Miner

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The birch leaf miner is a very common pest on ornamental birches.

The adult females lay eggs in the developing leaves about mid-May. The larvae hatch out and begin to eat the leaf tissue between the upper and lower leaf surfaces. The leaf mining can last two weeks. The larva then make a hole in the leaf and drop to the ground to pupate. The pupal stage lasts about three weeks and the adults emerge to start another generation. There are at least two generations per year.

The symptoms are browned leaves. If an affected leaf is torn in two across the brown area it can be seen that the leaf is hollow. Eggs are laid on immature leaves so later generation injury may be found an growth developed since the first generation infestation.

The insect can be controlled with pesticides applied in mid-May before the much injury has occurred. Use diazinon or Orthene.

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