Bleeding Heart (dicentra Spectabilis)

By The Old House Web
Bleeding Heart grows 2 to 4 feet tall. After flowering in the early season it diesdown, leaving a gap in the garden. Once the foliage dies down it can be removed.

The plant prefers fertile, light soils in sun or light shade. Bleeding heart likes lotsof water in the spring and early summer. Do not expose the plant to strong wind. Bleedingheart may be potted up and forced into bloom inside.

Bleeding heart may be divided in October but the roots are brittle so use caution. Seedmay be sown in late summer or early fall and may be stratified for 6 weeks at 41 degreesor less prior to planting. Root cuttings 3 inches long can be taken from large roots afterthe plant has flowered. Cuttings may be taken from young shoots soon after they havestarted spring growth.

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