Bordeaux Mixture

By The Old House Web
Bordeaux mixture was originally used in France in the 1860s to control grape diseases.

The standard formula for bordeaux mixture is four pounds of copper sulfate, four pounds of hydrated lime and 50 gallons of water. Mix four pounds of the lime in four gallons of water. Do the same for the copper sulfate. Strain the lime mixture through cheesecloth, add to 42 gallons of water, and then add the sulfate mixture. Use immediately.

Small amounts can be made by mixing four ounces of hydrated lime in 2 gallons of water. Mix four ounces of copper sulfate in 1 gallon of water. Pour the copper sulfate mixture into the lime mixture.

Bordeaux mixture can cause damage to plants if used improperly. Damage or injury results more in humid weather and when the mixture doesn't dry quickly.

Bordeaux mixture will leave a bluish-white deposit on the plant.

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