Callistephus--China Aster

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Callistephus--China Aster

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China Aster blooms for about six weeks in late summer. The flowers are red, pink, white, lavender, purple, and blue. Upright types may be used for edging or bedding but may have branches too short for cutting. Branching cultivars are taller and will be large plants if spaced at least one and one half feet apart. Most are 12 to 24 inches tall and are spaced 8 to 15 inches apart. They may be grown in full sun or light shade and in a fertile and well drained soil. Mulching keeps these shallow rooted plants from drying out. Tall varieties must be given some support. High nitrogen fertilizers may promote disease development.

The seed may be planted directly into the garden, however seed started indoors gives best results. The seed germinates in ten to fourteen days at 70 degrees. Start seeds six weeks before plants are to be set in the garden. Do not cover the seed with more than an eighth inch of soil. China aster dislikes transplanting.

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