Carpinus betulus--European Hornbeam

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Carpinus betulus--European Hornbeam

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European hornbeam grows 60 feet tall and spreads 40 feet. The tree prefers well drained soil and tolerates a pH above 7.0. The plant grows slowly, is shallow rooted, and may be low branched. European hornbeam has yellow fall color and enough pruning tolerance to be a hedge plant or for topiary.

There are a number of useful cultivars of European Hornbeam but they may hard to find: 'asplenifolia'--deeply lobed leaves; 'columnaris'--narrow, dense growth habit; 'fastigiata'--30 to 40 feet tall, upright when young but spreading with age, can be used an unpruned screen; 'globosa'--rounded growth habit; 'horizontalis'--flat topped; 'incisa'--leaves deeply toothed, small leaves; 'pendula'--weeping habit; 'purpurea'--young leaves purplish; 'pyramidalis'--upright.

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