Carrot Insects

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Carrot Insects

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Six Spotted Leafhopper

Six spotted leafhopper is a carrier for aster yellows. Seedlings are most vulnerable to the light smoky-green insect with six spots on its head. Use applications of Sevin dust or flowable(3) or Diazinon(10).

Green Peach Aphid

Green peach aphid is light green and sucks sap from the undersides of leaves. Infested leaves are stunted and distorted. Use sprays of Diazinon(10) or Rotenone(1).


Cutworms are various colors but have buff stripes down the side and a series of yellowish or orange spots on the back. The injury is feeding on the foliage. Use Diazinon prior to planting.

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Wireworm damage on carrot - 25K
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