Chamaecyparis obtusa--Hinoki Cypress

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Chamaecyparis obtusa--Hinoki Cypress

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Hinoki cypress can stand 100 feet tall and spread 20 to 30 feet. In landscape situations, the tree is seen in the form of one of its many cultivars. It has a moderate growth rate and does not tolerate air pollution. Hinoki cypress prefers cool, moist soil and tolerates partial shade, though it prefers a sunny location. Sun scorch can be a problem on cultivars with colored foliage.

There are many cultivars, some quite dwarf. Other cultivars have excellent foliage coloration or unusual growth habit. Cultivars include: 'aurea'--golden foliage: 'caespitosa'--rare, miniature, about 6 inches tall; 'compacta'--dwarf, about 3 feet tall, dense, conical; 'coralliformis'--branchlets reddish and contorted; 'crippsii'--a dwarf with golden foliage; 'erecta'--columnar habit; 'ericoides'--low, blue-gray foliage, 'filicoides'-- fern-like; 'gracilis'--compact growth habit, tips of branchlets pendulous; 'kosteri'--dwarf, 3 to 4 feet tall, branch tips curved; 'mariesii'--dwarf, foliage variegated with yellowish white; 'nana'--very dwarf, height and spread of 2 feet; 'pygmaea'--dwarf, 2 feet tall, wider than tall; 'Stoneham'--slow, dwarf, tiered branching; 'tetragona'-- slow, dwarf, erect.

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