Christmas Cactus

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Christmas cactus are identified from other blooming holiday cactus by their rounded or scalloped leaf margins. Thanksgiving and Easter cacti have pointed margins. Under normal conditions, the holiday cacti will bloom close to the holiday suggested in their name.

Flowering cacti should be kept in bright, indirect light. Too much light can cause flower color to fade. Day temperature of 70 degrees F. and evening temperatures of 60- 65 degrees F. are considered ideal. Avoid overwatering during flowering. Do not fertilize when plants are flowering.

Once flowers fall, continue to grow the plant as a houseplant. Soil should be loose; a sandy soil will limit overwatering problems. Fertilize monthly between April and October.

Holiday cacti are short day plants, meaning they bloom when nights are long. Plants will also flower if exposed to prolonged cool temperatures between 50 - 55 degrees F.


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