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Clematis is a group of vining plants. Some have large and showy flowers others are fairly small.

Clematis jackmani These plants produce large and colorful flowers. The preferred soil is a light loam. Clematis grows best when the plant is in sunlight but the root zone is cool. This may be accomplished by mulching or planting low plants over the clematis' root zone. The vines like regular watering and fertilization. Fertilizing with a liquid fertilizer every 10 to 14 days gives good results. The stems are fragile and easily broken. Most garden varieties bloom on current years wood so are pruned in the spring. Some bloom on the previous season's wood. Layering is the most suitable propagation technique for the home gardener. Layer in late summer and twist the growth before layering it.

Clematis virginiana--Virgin's Bower This clematis has small, white, fragrant flowers produced in abundance. The flowers are smaller than those of C. jackmani.

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