Consider All Features in Picking Shrubs

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Consider All Features in Picking Shrubs

You should consider all features in choosing shrubs. To do this takes as much creative effort as painting a landscape picture. When you select shrubbery, consider all ornamental characteristics, such as flowers, fruit, color and texture of foliage, and winter effect of stems. You can achieve plantings that are pleasingly varied and interesting in all seasons of the year. Shrubs may be used as foundation plantings, screening and area dividers at the same time.

Try to recognize a shrub's limitations as well as its possibilities, and use it in your garden design wisely and artistically. Note the shade tolerance and soil moisture conditions listed in the plant selection guide. A shrub may grow in adverse conditions, but it will seldom thrive. A common, inexpensive shrub, flourishing in ideal conditions of soil and light situation, can contribute more, ornamentally, than a rare and expensive one that, though beautiful in its natural habitat, may struggle for existence in your landscape. If, however, you want a plant for which ideal conditions are not available, a young one will more easily adapt to the situation. The older the plant, the greater the shock in moving it and the more attention it will require. You can avoid becoming a slave to your garden if you use few plants that require special care.

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