Corn Insects

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Corn Insects

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Seed Corn Maggot

Legless maggots attack and destroy the seed during or before sprouting. Use Diazinon at planting time.

European Corn Borer

The larvae feed on the leaves then bore into the stem. The insects are a problem from late May to early June and they may go from the leaves to the ears. There are two generations per year. Use Sevin(0), Diazinon(0) or Rotenone(1).

Corn Earworm

The adults lay eggs in the silks in mid-August. The larvae hatch out and enter the tip of the ear in 4 to 5 days. The larvae feed on the kernels once under the husk. Use sprays or dusts of Sevin(0) or Diazinon(2) dust.

Corn Leaf Aphid

These blue green aphids suck sap from the plants and are often on the undersides of the leaves or in the tassel. The honeydew attracts corn earworm adults. Use sprays of Diazinon(1) or Pyrethrin(1).

Sap Beetles

Sap beetles are black, with 4 orange or yellow spots. The insects are attracted by injury to the corn whether the source of the injury is other insects or the gardener checking for ripeness. Sprays of Sevin(0) may kill off some beetles but a reduction in numbers of sap beetles on the plants will not be noticed. More beetles are attracted to the plants and soon replace those killed by the pesticide.

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