Cornus mas--Cornelian Cherry

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Cornus mas--Cornelian Cherry

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Cornelian cherry is a small tree or large shrub. It prefers sun or partial shade and a well drained soil. The growth rate is moderate and young plants transplant easily. A height of 20 to 25 feet and spread of 15 to 28 feet can be expected. The yellow flowers are produced in very early spring. The red fruit is edible and is partially hidden by the leaves. The fall color is red. Cornelian cherry may be used as a hedge plant.

Several cultivars are listed but may not be readily available: 'albo-carpa'--white fruit; 'aureo- elegantissima'--leaves yellow, green and pink; 'elegantissima'--leaves yellow, green and pink; 'flava'-- yellow fruits; 'fructu violaceo'--purple fruits; 'macrocarpa'--larger fruits; 'nana'--dwarf, 3 feet tall, 'variegata'--leaves with white variegations; 'xanthocarpa'-- yellow fruit.

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