Corylus avellana--European Filbert

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Corylus avellana--European Filbert

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Some filberts are ornamentals as well as nut producers. Most prefer a sunny, open location with any good soil. The plant grows 3 to 8 feet tall and spreads from 5 to 10 feet. This is a rapid grower that may occasionally go to 20 feet. The root system is fibrous and suckering and can spread to form thickets, if not controlled.

Cultivars include: 'aurea'--yellow leaves; 'contorta'(Harry Lauder's Walking Stick)--branches twisted and contorted; 'fusco-rubra'--purple leaves; 'heterophylla'--cut leaves; 'maxima purpurea'--dark purple leaves; 'pendula'--weeping habit; 'purpurea'--purplish leaves.

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