Cotinus coggygria--Smoke Tree, Wig Tree, Smokebush

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Cotinus coggygria--Smoke Tree, Wig Tree, Smokebush

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Smoke tree grows best in a sunny location and a well drained loam. Though short-lived in rich soil, smoke tree is useful in dry, rocky soil. This slow growing plant grows to 15 feet tall and 15 to 20 feet wide. The large panicles of flowers produced in early summer give the effect of a cloud of smoke. The fall color is usually good and ranges from yellow to orange.

Cultivars include: 'Daydream'--heavy production of panicles; 'purpurea'--the fruiting panicles and leaves are purplish. There are several named cultivars of 'purpurea': Flame, Notcutt's Variety, Royal Purple, Royal Red and Rubrifolius.

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Cotinus coggygria Pink Fairy - 53K Cotinus coggygria Pink Fairy - 31K
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