Cotoneaster dammeri--Bearberry Cotoneaster

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Cotoneaster dammeri--Bearberry Cotoneaster

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This low, spreading plant will reach a height of less than 2 feet and spread 6 to 8 feet. The shrub transplants easily and the spreading stems root where the touch the ground. The evergreen foliage will become purplish in the winter as the weather turns colder. The main ornamental trait is the 1/4 inch fruit that persist into the following spring. These are red fruits are preceded by small white flowers borne in the spring. This is an excellent ground cover plant.

Nurseries may carry one of the following culivars: 'Coral Beauty' - produces large crops of coral berries; 'Corbet' - bright red fruit; 'Lowfast' - said to be hardy; 'Skogholm' - fast growth rate.

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