Crataegus monogyna--Hedgerow Hawthorn

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Crataegus monogyna--Hedgerow Hawthorn

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Hedgerow hawthorn grows 20 to 35 feet tall, is dense, and can be hedged. The flowers are white, single, and slightly larger than a half inch across. The fruits are round and have one seed.

A number of cultivars are listed but most will not be readily available. They are: 'Alba Plena'--flowers white, double; 'Aurea'--yellow fruit; 'Biflora'--winter bloom in mild climates; 'Ferox'--branches covered with groups of spines; 'Inermis Compacta'--thornless dwarf; 'Laciniata'-- deeply cut foliage; 'Pendula'--weeping form; 'Pendula Rosea'--weeping form with pink flowers; 'Pteridifolia'-- leaves deeply lobed, 'Rosea'--pink flowers marked with white, 'Rubra Plena'--double red flowers; 'Semperflorens'-- slow growth, a shrub, flowers until autumn; 'Stricta'--erect growing; 'Tortuosa'--twisted branches.

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