Cucumber, Muskmelon Insects

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Cucumber, Muskmelon Insects

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Seed Corn Maggot

Legless maggots attack seeds before or shortly after germination. Use Diazinon dust according to label directions.

Spotted Cucumber Beetle

Spotted cucumber beetle is yellow-green with 12 black spots on its back. The adults feed on young plants and the larvae feed on roots. High populations stunt or kill plants. Sprays or dusts of Sevin(0 to 3) may be used. Sprays of Malathion(1), Pyrethrin(1) or Rotenone(1) may also be used.

Striped Cucumber Beetle

The striped cucumber beetle is yellow with black stripes and is a carrier of bacterial wilt. Plants become infected when the beetles feed. The insects may also dig into soil for emerging sprouts. Sprays or dusts of Sevin(0 to 3) or sprays of Malathion(1), Pyrethrin(1) or Rotenone(1) may be used.


Dark bluish green aphids suck juices from the leaves. The leaves curl downward and plants are stunted. The aphids transmit cucumber mosaic. Use sprays of Rotenone(1), Diazinon(3 melon, 7 to 14 cucumber), Malathion(1 to 7), or Pyrethrin(1).


Thrips are small cream to brownish insects which rasp the undersides of leaves. Vines stressed from maturing the crop or by other factors deteriorate. The damage is worse in dry seasons. Use sprays of Diazinon(3 melon, 7 to 14 cucumber).


Mites are tiny insects causing yellow specks and fine webs on the leaves. Plants may be stunted. Use sprays of Diazinon(3 melon, 7 to 14 cucumbers) or Malathion(1 to 7).

Flea Beetles

These dark colored insects eat small holes in the leaves giving a shothole effect. Use Sevin dust on melons.

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