Deciduous Ornamentals Change With The Seasons

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Deciduous Ornamentals Change With The Seasons

Deciduous ornamentals are plants that drop all their leaves at the end of the growing season and remain leafless during the dormant winter period. Their spring or summer flowers, combined with foliage changing from delicate green in spring through dark greens in summer to brilliant fall tones, make many of them garden favorites. Deciduous ornamentals include such plants as honeysuckle, forsythia, burning bush, dogwood, maple and trumpet vine.

In the colder climates, there are considerably more deciduous ornamentals than broadleaf evergreens available. Because the broadleaf evergreens are not as hardy in the coldest climates, deciduous plants must replace the broadleaf evergreens as principal features in gardens. However, nature compensates beautifully by providing stems for snowy mantles and bold silhouettes.

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