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Bacterial spot causes elongated light gray spots on the leaves. The spots have a watersoaked border and later become brown. Remove and burn diseased plants. No chemical control is listed.

Fasciation causes distorted leaves and stunted growth. No chemical control is listed.

Stem rot is also called root rot and causes stem decay just below the soil surface, leading to sudden shoot wilting. Avoid infested soil and destroy infested plants. The disease is caused by Rhizoctonia solani and may be controlled with drenches of benomyl.

Leaf spot causes light brown spots on the leaves. The spots have purplish borders. Spotting is most prevalent on lower leaves but may occur on the stems as well. The tips of the leaves die.

Branch blight, blight, and collar rot are names for the same disease. Symptoms are rotting of leaf bases. Ashy white spots occur on the leaves which may be constricted and twisted.

Fusarium wilt causes yellowing of new growth. The plants are stunted. No chemical control is listed.

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