Eggplant Insects

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Eggplant Insects


Plants are clipped off at ground level. The insects injure the plants at night and hide in the soil during the day. Plants grown on black plastic may be injured more severely. Damage from later generations is not as severe since the plants are larger and better established. Use applications of Sevin(0) flowable.

Potato Beetles

The adult potato beetles are yellow and black and the larvae are red. The damage is most severe at the growing tips in early stages of the infestation but becomes more general as the insects spread. Use sprays of Rotenone(1), Pyrethrin(1) or Sevin(0) flowable.


Green peach aphid sucks sap from the leaves causing them to curl downward. The insect is a carrier of mosaic. Use sprays of Rotenone(1) or Pyrethrin(1).

Flea Beetle

Flea beetles are 1/8 inch long, black, bronze, or blackish with light lines. They eat many small holes (shotholes) in the leaves. The larvae feed on the roots. Use sprays of Rotenone(1), Sevin(0 or3), Pyrethrin(1) or Methoxychlor(1).


The fruitworm tunnels in the fruit. The larvae also travel from fruit to fruit, increasing the amount of injury. Use sprays of Sevin(0 to 3).

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