Elm Leaf Beetle

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Elm Leaf Beetle

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As its name implies, the elm leaf beetle is a problem on elm trees. It is most common on Chinese or Siberian elm and can also be a problem on zelkova.

The adult beetles are yellowish green with black stripes in the middle and on the sides of the wing covers. There are also two black but indistinct black spots at the base or front of the wing covers. The larvae are short, stubby caterpillars that can appear as black with yellow markings or yellow with black markings.

The larvae cause most of the damage. They skeletonize the leaves which then turn brown. Repeated, severe infestations may kill a tree or weaken it so it may succumb to some other problem.

The adult overwinters in homes or other protected areas. Those adults overwinter in homes can be a nuisance particularly when they begin to look for overwintering sites. The adults emerge in the spring and the females lay eggs on the leaves. The larvae hatch out and begin feeding. Mature larvae will move to the lower part of the trunk and pupate. The pupal cases are yellow and can be seen on the trunk. The adults emerge in one or two weeks and lay eggs for the second generation. It is the second generation adults that overwinter in homes. The larvae cause most of the damage in June and again in August.

Controls are Orthene or Sevin.

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