Epimedium--Barrenwort, Bishops Hat

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Epimedium--Barrenwort, Bishops Hat

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Epimediums are useful in shade and may be used as a ground cover. They grow in full sun if given a moist soil. The plants spread, as will most ground covers, but are not as invasive as other plants. Cutting the old growth back in spring exposes more of the ornamental new growth. Epimedium tolerates root competition from trees.

Propagation is by division in autumn but is needed only to get new plants. Epimediums don't usually become overly crowded.

Epimedium rubrum This plant is also listed as E. alpinum and has rose colored flowers. The leaves on this 10 inch plant are reddish when young.

Epimedium sulphureum Grows 9 inches tall and produces yellow flowers in May. The foliage is sometimes tinged reddish brown.

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