Essential Tools for Successful Lawn Care

Karin Mangan

Good lawn care requires the correct tools and equipment. So what should you have in your shed?

  • Lawnmower. You should have a lawnmower with sharp blades that you can adjust to the appropriate height. Blunt blades can rip the grass up at the roots or tear it. Cutting your lawn too short before winter and in the spring can also damage your lawn--it needs more leaf at these times to absorb the sun's energy.
  • Wire Rake. To keep your lawn healthy, you should use a rake to keep it clear of fallen leaves and other debris. You lawn care regime should also include scarifying the lawn with a wire rake to remove moss and other unwanted matter from the lawn. If you have a large lawn, you might consider buying an electric scarifyer or a scarifying attachment for your lawnmower.
  • Garden Fork. You should use a garden fork to aerate the soil and improve drainage. You need to dig the fork into the soil at intervals throughout the lawn. You can get an aerating fork that is specially designed for the job. It removes small cylinders of the turf for greater drainage and oxygenation.
  • Sprinkler. It is important to keep your lawn well watered, but not too wet. A sprinkler allows you to water regularly or constantly without soaking the lawn. Make sure there are no regulations restricting the use of sprinklers in your area.
  • Edging Iron. An edging iron is a specially designed spade that you use to create a neat edge to the lawn. You could use a spade instead, but you don't usually get as good a result.
  • Edge Trimmer. To keep the edge of your lawn neat, you need something to trim it. You could use edging shears with a long handle or a powered strimmer.

Once you have the right tools, lawn care should be easier and give you better results.

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