Euonymus fortunei--Wintercreeper

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Euonymus fortunei--Wintercreeper

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Wintercreeper can be a trailing, vinelike plant or an upright shrub, depending on the cultivar. The plant can reach a height of 2 to 3 feet and spread 3 to 4 feet, but climbing types will reach a chimney top on a two-story house. Transplanting is no problem, but the growth rate is slow. A north or west exposure is best--during the winter, shade will keep the foliage from burning. If used as a ground cover, it can be sheared to keep it neat. This member of the genus is the most susceptible to euonymus scale so should not be selected for low maintenance landscapes. Large plants become heavily infested before the insect is noticed.

A number of cultivars are listed, some with excellent summer foliage coloration: 'Berryhill'--an upright type; 'carreirei'(glossy wintercreeper)--a broadly rounded shrub when mature, lighter color, profuse fruiting; 'coloratus'(purpleleaf wintercreeper)--hardy, purplish leaves in winter; 'Emerald and Gold'--leaves variegated with golden yellow; 'Emerald Gaiety'--leaves marked with white, upright; 'Golden Prince'--leaves marked with yellow, upright; 'gracilis'--leaves variegated with white and yellow; 'kewensis'--small, slow growing, small leaves; 'Longwood procumbens'--small, trailing; 'reticulatus'-- leaves large with white markings along the veins; 'sarcoxie'--upright, green leaves; 'Silver Gem'--leaves larger, variegated with white; 'Silver Queen'--leaves with white variegations; 'vegetus'(bigleaf wintercreeper)-- climber, large glossy leaves, often seen climbing on brick walls or chimneys.

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Euonymus fortunei gracilis - 79K Euonymus fortunei kewensis - 71K
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