Evergreens -- Recommended

By The Old House Web
25' TO 50'

White Fir Abies concolor Korean Fir A. koreana Lacebark Pine Pinus bungeana Swiss Stone Pine P. cembra Limber Pine P. flexilis Japanese White Pine P. parviflora

OVER 50'

Vetch Fir Abies veitchii European Larch Larix decidua Japanese Larch L. kaemipferi Dawn Redwood Metasequoia glptostroboides Norway Spruce Picea abies White Spruce P. glauca Serbian Spruce P. omorika Oriental Spruce P. orientalis Colorado Spruce P. pungens Blue Colorado SpruceP. pungnes var. glauca Eastern White Pine Pinus strobus Douglas Fir Pseudotsuga menziesii Common Baldcypress Taxodium distichum Canadian Hemlock Tsuga canadensis Carolina Hemlock T. caroliniana


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