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The following table lists the amount of actual nitrogen needed for adequate growth of the grass species.

Grass Type Fertilizer Rate (pounds/1000 square feet) Fine Leaf Fescue (Creeping, Chewings, Red) 1 - 3 Turf-Type Tall Fescue 2 - 4 Perennial Ryegrass 2 - 4 Kentucky Bluegrass 1 - 4 Buffalograss 1 - 3 Bentgrass 2 - 6 (depending on soil type/appearance Zoysiagrass 2 - 4 When applying nitrogen, apply no more than one (1) pound per application. Apply half the amount in a north-south fashion; apply the other half in an east-west manner. Water thoroughly.

For cool season grasses, apply one pound in early September. For a total of two pounds per year, apply the applications in early May and early September. For three pounds per year, apply early May, early September and late October/November. For four pounds, apply early May, mid June, early September and late October/November. Make sure the mid June fertilizer is a slow release type. Water thoroughly throughout the summer.

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