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Anthracnose turns the leaf tips yellow, then tan, then dark brown. The browning may extend completely around the leaf and extend in from the margin. The leaves eventually die. Pale rose colored pustules develop in infected tissue. Wounding enhances disease penetration. Fiddleleaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is rather susceptible to Anthracnose. Pick off and destroy infected leaves.

Twig blight and canker causes stem lesions bearing pink corky bodies. Prune off infected branches.

Several leaf spots cause spotting on leaves. These are rare in most homes due to dry air. Pick off and destroy infected leaves.

Leaf scorch and leaf drop are cultural problems usually caused by poor drainage, excessively dry or wet soil, low humidity, or too much direct sun.

Odema is a physiological condition in which rough corky swellings form on the petioles and lower leaf surfaces. Excessive soil moisture and poor lighting with low temperatures predispose plants to odema.

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