Flower Bed Design

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Flower Bed Design

The flower bed shape helps determine how easy or hard it will be to maintain the bed. Flower beds with gentle curves are easier to mow around than beds with sharp angles and corners. Odd shaped beds look even more irregular if the flowers spill over the bed borders. The flower bed shape should blend into the landscape.

A flower bed at the edge of the yard is easier to mow around than a bed in the middle of the yard. Isolated pockets of lawn can be converted to flower beds. Flowers can be used in the foundation planting or in a shrub border.

Flower beds placed at the edge of the yard need tall plants at the back and short plants at the front. In flower beds viewed from all sides the tallest plants are placed in the middle with short plants around the edges.

Use shade tolerant plants in the shaded spots and sun loving plants in the sunny spots. Matching adapted plants to particular areas of the garden help insure success.

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