Forsythia Intermedia -- Golden Bell, Border Forsythia

By The Old House Web

Forsythia is one of the most common spring flowering shrubs, with its yellow flowers occurring before the leaves appear.

Plant in a sunny growing area with a well drained soil. This rapid grower transplants well and is 8 to 10 feet tall and spreads 10 to 12 feet. Thin occasionally by cutting off old wood at ground level. After a severe winter, only the protected lower branches have flowers. Forsythia tolerates city conditions but not crowding.

Cultivars include: 'Beatrix Farrand'--flowers large, up to 2 inches in diameter; 'densiflora'--flowers pale yellow, upright growth habit; 'fortunei'--more erect growth habit; 'Karl Sax'--flower buds hardier; 'Lynnwood Gold'-- flowers larger and more numerous; 'nana'--a dwarf with very poor flowering; 'primulina'--light primrose yellow flowers; 'spectabilis'--flowers larger and more numerous, less injured by frosts; 'Spring Glory'-- flowers same as those of primulina but more numerous.

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