Forsythia suspensa--Weeping Forsythia

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Forsythia suspensa--Weeping Forsythia

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Weeping forsythia is the same as border forsythia except for its weeping growth habit. The best growing area is sunny with any reasonable soil. Weeping forsythia transplants well and grows rapidly. The plant has a mature height and spread of 8 to 10 feet. The yellow flowers appear in the spring before the leaves. Weeping forsythia tolerates city conditions and is useful on banks because the branches root where they touch the ground.

There are several cultivars: 'atrocaulis'--young growth purplish; 'decipiens'--flowers on long stalks, a vigorous plant; 'fortunei'--upright growth habit, 'pallida'--pale yellow flowers; 'sieboldi'--flowers numerous, deep yellow, the branches long and slender.

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