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Freesias are grown from corms potted up in August or September. Six or seven corms fit in a 5 inch pot. Barely cover the corms and water sparingly until growth commences. After the plants flower, continue to fertilize. When the leaves yellow and turn brown, reduce watering. Then place the pots on their sides until replanted in August. Plant the corms 1 inch deep. Freesia requires high light intensity and a soil rich in peat. Allow actively growing plants to dry slightly between waterings and use a liquid fertilizer once flower spikes appear. The flower heads are removed when they start to fade. Some support may be needed. Freesia prefers cool temperatures, ideally in the 50's.

Propagation is by seed or offsets. The seed germinates in 4 to 6 weeks at a temperature of 54 degrees. Offsets are removed from the corms at planting.

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