Frost Protection

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The following methods can be used to limit frost injury. However, protection for temperatures below 25 degrees Fahrenheit may not be possible.

1. Sprinkling with water. It takes more cold energy for water to freeze. Maintaining a sprinkler running in the early spring may limit cold injury to strawberry flowers and tender transplants. Water in the fall can also limit cold injury.

2. Smudge pots. Pots generate localized heat. Small burning piles, where allowed, may provide similar effects. Check for dry grass and plant material nearby; even green plants may burn.

3. Fans. Still air cools faster than moving air. Cold settles; circulate air near the ground.

4. Covers. Old sheets, blankets and light rugs may limit cold injury to annual flowers and vegetables. Avoid plastic. Plastic will transfer the cold to the plant and provides little insulating capabilities. Leaving air spaces between plants and covers increases insulation. Avoid heavy materials which might damage plants or limbs.

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